OVFTool.exe – Entry Point not found

An error that I came across when trying to deploy VCSA 6.5 on VMware Workstation 12
I did face this error before as well but instead of troubleshooting, I replaced workstation 12 with version 11.
For some reason I needed to switch to VMware Workstation 12 and here the error shows up again!


So, to get out of this, download OVFTool executable from VMware website. Install it on your PC, make note of installation directory (C:\Program Files\VMware) and copy the folder “VMware OVF Tool”

Browse to VMware Workstation installation directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware Workstation) and paste the “VMWare OVF Tool” folder.

In the VMware Workstation installation directory, find and rename “OVFTool” folder to something else.

Rename “VMWare OVF Tool” folder to “OVFTool”


Try importing the OVA again, hope it works for you too!.


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