Exchange 2010 PowerShell Remoting

Many a times we come across situation when we need access to powershell to run some exchange specific cmdlets.
But the workstation is either not having management tools installed or the workstation is running an x86 Operating system.

The easiest way to get the job done is by using PowerShell “Remoting” feature.

Remoting should be enabled in Exchange 2010 server so that workstation Powershell can connect to remote (exchange 2010) server.

On Exchange 2010 Server:
To enabled Remoting

On workstation:
$PSExch = New-PSSession –ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange –ConnectionUri

Import-PSSession –session $PSExch

Import-PSSession will import all the cmdlets necessary to manage Exchange via powershell.


That’s it. You have access to powershell on Exchange server.