Error Exporting VM to OVF using web client

While performing an “Export to OVF” task, came across the error “Could not connect to the remote source: couldn’t resolve host name”

I have a lab setup on vmware workstation, all VMs (ESXi, vCenter, DC) are configured with “Host-Only” network type.
My Laptop is in workgroup. In vCenter I have added the ESXi Hosts using FQDN.

When I initiate the Export to OVF task and provide the destination as my Laptop local drive (Desktop) I get the error as shown below.

To resolve it, I had to make the entry in “Hosts” file (C:\windows\System32\drivers\etc) with the IP address and the ESXi FQDN.
Next, Run IPConfig /Flushdns

Close the vsphere web client and re-login.

Try the Export and it was a success.


3 thoughts on “Error Exporting VM to OVF using web client

  1. You don’t say which machines local windows box gets the host file edit or something within the vsphere gets the edit. Could you clarify for me please.

  2. I still couldn’t get through! My vcenter 6.0 was installed on a win server 2012R2 which is running inside vmware workstation.

    I get this
    “could not connect to remote resource: URL using bad/ illegal format or missing URL” error

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