SCCM 2012 – UpdatesDeployment.log: Waiting for third-party orchestrator to initiate installation

In one of my recent attempt to configure SCCM 2012 SP1 for windows 2012 R2 updates, I saw that the clients was scanning the system for updates but they were not getting installed on system.

Upon checking UpdatesDeployment.log on target system, the message “Waiting for third party orchestrator to initiate installation”

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Error Exporting VM to OVF using web client

While performing an “Export to OVF” task, came across the error “Could not connect to the remote source: couldn’t resolve host name”

I have a lab setup on vmware workstation, all VMs (ESXi, vCenter, DC) are configured with “Host-Only” network type.
My Laptop is in workgroup. In vCenter I have added the ESXi Hosts using FQDN.

When I initiate the Export to OVF task and provide the destination as my Laptop local drive (Desktop) I get the error as shown below.

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List Users and their Group Membership using PowerShell

In some cases you might need to prepare a report on list of Active Directory users and their group Membership. One of the case recently I came across is for Auditing purpose.

In this Organization we have approximately 1600+ users and there was incomplete documentation for this scenario.

There was no other way than writing small PowerShell script.

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SCCM 2012–Failed to Run Task Sequence : Program files for <SITECODE>00001 cannot be located on a distribution point

While doing a test of MDT task sequence, I ran into an error “Failed to Run Task Sequence : Program files for <SITECODE>00001 cannot be located on a distribution point”


The keyword in this message is “Distribution Point” which should direct us to check if we missed any package that has not been distributed.

If we check Monitoring / Distribution Status / Content Status and refer to the PackageID mentioned in the error “VHL0001” we see the compliance column is blank.

When we distribute this package to the distribution point, the compliance will show 100% and Task Sequence should move ahead.


Export Active Directory User details to Excel using PowerShell

I am a frequent visitor of, I have seen many questions people are asking which are related to bulk management, for example; Exporting User details from AD and they need some specific data only, Exporting Exchange 2010 mailbox details.

Mostly this kind of questions comes up when administrators need to make some kind of report or analyze the infrastructure usage.

So I thought of putting simple 1 liner scripts together as per my knowledge.

Here we will try to get a report on some specific user details from AD. I am using Windows Server 2012 for the purpose of this demonstration and its going to very brief from very basics. Continue reading