Unable to move Federated Mailbox in Exchange 2010

Exchange 2010 Mailbox server role installation create a default mailbox database which consist of System mailboxes and a Federated mailbox.
As we all know, in case if we decide to remove this Default mailbox database we need to move all mailbox to a different Database.

In one case while trying to move Federated mailbox I was getting error “Mailbox size 1.009 MB exceeds target quota 1 MB”

Though the destination Database had no limit defined.
Tried to move by defining limit on database, still of no use.
Tried to remove quota from Federated Mailbox, in this case I was greeted with error similar to “Cannot find the on DC01.domain.com” (I don’t remember the exact error)
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SCCM 2012 R2: WSUS Synchronization Failed. WSUS Update source not found on Site

In this deployment of SCCM 2012 R2, the WSUS is installed on a separate server.
There are so many options that need to configured to make SCCM work that I missed one thing and SCCM was not able to do initial configuration on WSUS server which is done at the 1st Sync.

Upon checking Monitoring/Component Status/SMS_WSUS_SYNC_MANAGER.
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Migrating vCenter 5.1 SQL Express to SQL 2008 R2 server using backup and restore method

I am using vSphere 5.1 and SQL Server 2008 R2, maybe soon I will work on 5.5 and SQL 2012 scenario and will update.
As mentioned I have a vCenter 5.1 server and a standalone SQL Server 2008 R2 in lab with 2 ESXi Hosts, these hosts are part of a cluster and connected to a distributed switch.

We will start with preparing SQL Server 2008 R2.
1. Configure Ports:
Using SQL Server configuration manager, we will change the dynamic port to static. Remove any entry present in IP1 “TCP Dynamic Ports” and enter 1433 for “TCP Port”. Same changes in IPAll (scroll down to end), after the changes are done we need to restart the SQL service.
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How to find and report nested groups in Active Directory using PowerShell

Since I started working with and learning Powershell, I try to find solution of complicated tasks which seems to be simple when we put in one Sentence.
Well, one way is to double click a group and check the members tab and enter in Excel rows and columns. If I have nothing else to do and I love clicking mouse buttons then I guess that will be a nice time killer job. or else find a 3rd party software a freeware or shareware with limitations that does not really most of the time gives what I need.

Fortunately my favorite is PowerShell !.,

Here is the result

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SCCM 2012: Deploy Windows updates using Automatic deployment rules

The best way to deploy windows updates according to my experience is by using Automatic Deployment rules.

To setup a working Deployment rule there are few configurations and settings that need to be in place and working without errors.
1. Software Update Point (SUP) : Products and Sync Schedule
2. Site System role : Proxy Account
3. Device Collection : Query based collection
4. Client Settings
5. Automatic deployment rule
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